Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trail of the Disturber: One.

Relaxing after her close escape from the clutches of the (now late)Discomfiter, Ms. Madison returned to her native London, and her long-term admirer, Michael Rake, a man who despaired of ever becoming more than a close friend to the lovely blonde on account of her frequent foreign trips. Not knowing that she was the secretary of the Green Man, he suspected that the blonde daughter of Madison of the Yard might somehow be involved in intelligence work. Our story opens w.ith the pair waltzing over the floor of the Savoy Ballroom.

'Can't you just quit your job and settle down?' Michael asked plaintively for the several hundreth times. 'I've got enough dough for the both of us, and we could travel togther if that's what you want out of life.'

'You know my answer, Mike,' she laughed softly. 'I think you're sweet, but I'm not done with life as a bachelor girl.'

'Your father thinks so,' Rake held her closer, 'your mother thinks so, and I think so. So, what exactly is the problem?'

'The problem, Michael,' she sighed, leaning back in his arms, 'is that I don't think so. Michael, I like you - a lot. But I don't like you enough to give up everything and become a housewife.'

A page approached the dancing couple, manner a little nervous. Ms. Madison saw him over Rake's shoulder and siezed her chance.

'What's up?' she asked, eyes wide.

'You're wanted on the telephone, Miss,' the page smiled. 'Bloke says you'll know who it is.'

'Got to go!' Ms. Madison ran for the desk, snatching up the receiver, she answered promptly.

'I hope that I am not interrupting you,' the voice of the Green Man came down the 'phone. 'But even if I am, you must leave it. Make your way to Heathrow at once. Your bags will be sent on after you. You are to take the eleven o'clock flight to Cairo. Your orders will be given you at the Palace Hotel. The Disturber is planning something huge.'

Ms. Madison just had time to grab her wrap before leaving.


green man fan said...

Is there no rest for the Green Man? After saving Washington DC you think he'd kick back for a while. However, the wheels of evil never stop turning, and visiting vengeance upon the wicked is a 24/7 affair, no?

The Green Man said...

The evil do not rest, so the Green Man cannot rest.

green man fan said...

Doesn't the Mysterious Crime Fighters Union allow for a few weeks of paid holiday each year? It should be in your contract.

The Green Man said...

Yes, but the Green Man burns with a desire to avenge the blood of the innocent.

the girl in grey said...

It's not just a job, you know! It's a way of life.

Zack said...

It sounds like its poor Ms. Madison that has no rest. Or rather poor Mr. Rake. He probably stays up nights worrying about her. Or just playing solitaire. Or perhaps he works third shift.

L. Madison said...

Oh, Rake doesn't mind. Besides, he ought to worry, look at the latest installment.

L. Madison said...

And I don't worry about Rake. As for the hours,at least there's a high glamour content.