Friday, August 18, 2006

Six: The Way of the Green Man

This deserted house, now surrounded by trees and overgrown with creepers, bears the marks of the Green Man. Silence now reigns where once Lords and Ladies walked. Inside, the traces of Christmas decorations can be seen, left by the last inhabitants, American GIs when they left.

Seven times this house has been used by the Green Man. In the space that was once the grand saloon, the Green Man sentenced two drug-runners to death, while a man who was suspected of having got away with murder was found hanged on one of the trees that surround the ghostly ruins of this house.

Somewhere, near to every town, every city in Europe, there is a house like this one. Deserted, rotting. Somewhere for the Green Man to mete out the punishment to the wicked.

The way of the Green Man is a lonely way. The Green Man has been informed that he is the only blogger who visits vengeance on the wicked. That shows how necessary the Green Man is.


Zack said...

I know the truth. That little redhead got to Big D, didn't she?

If I could hold a fork I could hook it up to a generator. Then I could find out what happened to Big D.

The Green Man said...

Big D's true fate may never be known.