Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One: Lowell House

These ivy-clad ruins are Lowell House, Denbighshire, Wales. A man called Cledwyn used to live here. He owned several houses in Welsh towns. One of those houses, in Cardiff, was used as a brothel. With his knowledge. One night, it burned down. The place was a fire-trap. Four girls died, and three more were terribly burned.

Mr. Cledwyn denied all knowledge, saying he thought the house was deserted, awaiting repair. The Green Man got into the Estate Office of Cledwyn Properties and discovered the truth.

Three weeks later, Mr. Cledwyn's bodyguard wandered into Ruabon, burns to eighty percent of his body. He lived on for another month somehow, then died. Investigating, the North Wales Police searched Lowell House. They found Mr. Cledwyn there. What was left of him. Someone had tied him to the spit in the Great Kitchen and roasted him. Alive.

Evildoers cannot escape the vengeance of the Green Man.


Daniel said...


You gave yourself away with the reference to Cardiff.

Funny stuff tho...

Hiraeth said...

Am I the only person in Cardiff? Last time I looked, it has 200,000 inhabitants.

The Green Man said...

Be careful, Morgan. The Green Man has ways of dealing with those who do not watch what they say.

Zack said...

Hiraeth look again. The Green Man may have visited Cardiff in between now and the last time you checked.

I am appalled to see such a sensible person as yourself in this surreal place.

Hiraeth said...

I'm always looking over my shoulder, in case I've done something that might lead to the Green Man coming for me.