Monday, August 21, 2006

Thirteen: Doom of a Discomfiter part six

Realising that he had underestimated the Discomfiter's organisation, the Green Man made contact with the second of his agents of Vengeance, at that time relaxing by the side of a pool somewhere in Italy. The mystery redhead agreed to meet the Green Man in Los Angeles.

Taking a private jet from Nassau to Mexico, the Green Man slipped over the Mexican border into the United States (along with several thousand Mexicans). It is easy to hide oneself among the thousands. The Green Man is only too good at it.

Meeting in the Hotel grounds, the Green Man and his agent discovered the agent that Raoul had smuggled into the hotel and who had altered the Discomfiter's organisation to Ms. Madison's presence and activity. Bound to a chair in the hotel basement, the wicked man was subjected to a third degree until he confessed. He had received his orders from a man over the 'phone. The trail seemed dead.

But the Green Man is not so easily defeated. His agent broke into a dozen apartments belonging to known criminals in a night. She found an address for an estate outside the city, and told the Green Man its whereabouts. At once, the Green Man hurried to the estate.

But the Discomfiter was aware that the Green Man was moving. In a fury, he bound Ms. Madison to a stake in the middle of the walled garden. Speaking to her from an upper window, Raoul told the struggling Ms. Madison that she was the tethered goat who would bring the Green Man out into the open. As he spoke, a great bull entered the garden, snorting and treading the ground. Despite herself, the blonde screamed...


Zack said...

Did they torture him with helium? That is an effective way to make people talk. They can't help it. Their voices sound so funny.

The Green Man said...

Hydrogen. He had hydrogen-filled balloons popped with a match close by, scorching him.