Monday, August 21, 2006

Twelve: Doom of a Discomfiter part five

Ms. Madison, resident at the Los Angeles Hilton, continued to monitor traffic on the Discomfiter website. After a brief time during which John W. Loftus was under suspicion as an American 'Mr. Big,' Ms. Madison resolved to take some time off from monitoring the site to re-acquaint herself with the real world. This was done by the pool with a large glass of fruit juice.

While crossing the hotel lobby, Ms. Madison was stopped by a gentleman who asked her to come with him. Indicating her attire, Ms. Madison politely refused, only to be threatened with a gun and ordered out. With no choice but to obey, she followed the man into a waiting limousine, which took her to a large house some miles from L.A. There, she was told that she was now a prisoner of Felipe Raoul. She stuck her tongue out at the men and spiritedly told them to go to Hades.

She was able to escape from the room where she was being held, using a table-leg as a cosh. Making her way, apparently unseen, to the sitting-room, she put through an urgent call to the Green Man in Nassau, informing him of her predicament and describing her setting.

No sooner had she put down the 'phone, however, than Raoul stepped out of the shadows, together with his gunmen. Laughing, he told Ms. Madison that she had been allowed to make the call in order to bait a trap for the Green Man. Two days from that point, she was to die.


Zack said...

Indicating her attire indeed. The female took a black marker to the screen when she saw this.

Zack said...

I think by the way that it would have been less offensive and all around more jolly if she'd told them to go to Hartford, Connecticut.

Sir Richard Arcos said...

Hades, isn't that one of the lesser-known Greek islands?

I believe a cousin of mine went there once. At least, when his wife asked where he'd been for the past week, he told her he'd been there.

The Green Man said...

Ms. Madison is what we call an individualist. Her cover, that of international jet-setter has seen her adopt many costumes, not all of which are entirely proper.

But they normally put the wicked off her scent. In this case, however, they failed.

Sir Richard, your cousin fell into the hands of The Green Man.

Zack said...

I think it's a shipping office on Shortridge. "I name this door the gate of Hades"- Cassandra, Agammemnon in Indianapolis

L. Madison said...

Hades is where O. Bucky and Co. are right now. And let me tell you, that ain't an exclusive holiday resort.

Zack said...

You mean they went to a hotel de paso?

tut tut.

The Green Man said...

What can I say? The truth will be revaeled.