Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Enter: - The Disturber!

21:48 BST, Scotland Yard Report (stolen from the desk of Superintendent Horace Madison).
Monty Bristow, alias The Disturber, announced today the first shocking secret in his inexplicable campaign of revenge against society. His first blow was the production of conclusive proof that there was more than one gunman in Dallas in November 1963. There were in fact four men on the grassy knoll, one mafia hitman, a CIA gunman, a disgruntled Cuban exile and a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Accordingly, every conspiracy theory about the assassination was correct.

The various groups believing these theories have banded together to bring down the US Government only to realise that everyone involved in the plot is either dead or retired. Freed from having to waste time propagating this theory, hundreds of people begin to ask serious questions about government, or kill themselves as they have nothing better to do. As Bristow threatens to make even more revelations, Scotland Yard are at a loss to track him down.

He could be anywhere, disturbing the settled order of things, persuading Michael Moore not to make any more films, Bill Clinton to tell everything about his Presidency, Tony Blair to tell the truth once in a while, the leaders of the Arab nations to stop blaming Israel and the West for everything.

Who knows where the Disturber will strike next?


Anonymous said...

How can The Shadow compete with the likes of The Green Man and The Disturber? The only thing that bothers me are those WWII updates that occur every fifteen minutes, not to mention those addresses of President Truman.

Monty Bristow said...

The whole world will know the revenge of Monty Bristow. One who the world discarded and mistreated, will scorch the world with disorder!


Tremble before the Disturber!

The Green Man said...

Indeed. But it is the example of such greats as the Shadow and the Saint that inspired

The Vengeance of the Green Man!

Sir Richard Arcos said...

Of course, President Truman's addresses were Independence, Mo. and the Washington, D.C.

Zack said...

I think I know where he struck last.

The female's cooking proved fatal to several of the faithful at the last pot luck supper. She always thought she wasn't charismatic enough to do the Jim Jones thing and was thinking of starting a goat farm instead of the original cult, which involved eight sided dwellings. Now she has found this way of convincing people to go to a better place she is reconsidering. I ought to mention the male rescucitated her by attaching her to the pump switch, flipping it violently and emptying the contents of the rain barrel over her head.

Monty Bristow said...

Haha! The Disturber cannot be controlled!

The Green Man said...

The Green Man will make his presence known.