Monday, February 14, 2011


Sir Richard Arcos writes:
The Green Man has asked me to update this blog, explaining that rumours of his demise are exaggerated. As are rumours of mine. I just went to sleep for a week or so after my niece swapped my tablets for some different ones.
The Green Man has been busily biffing the wicked, while I have been reading and doing other things. Like improving the Baboon Walk at the mansion. We had burlars attempt to get in that way once. Only once, mind you. The baboons didn't like being woken up. And upset baboon is, as anyone will tell you, no good at all.
Well, brave new world and all that. We did think of swapping someone's head for their feet, but decided not to. Suffice it to say, the regular doeses of doom will be resuming shortly.