Friday, August 25, 2006

Eighteen: Doom of a Discomfiter part eleven

It was at that precise moment that Ms. Madison realised (informed by one of our readers) that she was not, in fact holding the Green Man's arm, but one of those left behind by Deconvert. With a cry of disgust, she flung it from her. It hit the Discomfiter's blonde friend before she could draw her gun. As she was busily being disgusted at the unattached and rapidly cooling limb, Ms. Madison overpowered her, the Green Man being too much of a gentleman to do so. Disarmed, she was forced to disclose the location of the Discomfiter's drug factory, an old British fortress.

Despite Ms. Madison's wishes, the Green Man decided to go in alone. Moving between the trees that surrounded the old fort at twilight (the rest of the time they moved to the road to sun themselves), he overpowered the guards, slipping in through an open window.

There, watching a vast mechanical process, was none other than Raoul himself, surrounded by new goons, one of whom looked a little nibbled. Smiling, the Green Man listened to the panicked words of the Discomfiter. His men assured him that, in the fortress, he was safe. And so, with a laugh, the Green Man dropped from the rafters, knocking two of the goons out by smashing their heads together.

"You can't win!" Raoul laughed.

"No, Raoul," the Green Man spoke softly, his voice dripping with menace. "It is you that cannot win, you that are finished. Did Deconvert see you today?"

"Maybe," Raoul chuckled, "you think he is 'armless?"

A trapdoor opened below Raoul, who dropped into the darkness. Before the Green Man could follow, a vast, sharpened blade swung towards his head. Ducking it, the Green Man turned, to see O. Bucky Ackenbola, now equipped with two shiny bionic arms, a murderous rage in his eyes...


Zack said...

I'm so glad she threw the arm from her. A lady should always take the arm of a gentleman but that man was no gentleman.

One has to admire the man's dreadful resource though. Making arms out of a portmanteau. (I read on Wikipedia that the word 'bionic' is actually a portmanteau) Perhaps he carried it with him for just such an emergency.

The Green Man said...

That was the other thing O. Bucky hid under his cloak.

Zack said...

No wonder he cut such a corpulent profile.