Saturday, August 19, 2006

Eleven: Doom of a Discomfiter part four.

Things were moving fast. Felipe Raoul, alias The Discomfiter was running a blog in order to co-ordinate his criminal empire. He was also running scared from the Green Man and his agents of vengeance. As the Green Man closed in on his distributors and contacts in Central America, the Discomfiter called in the heavy mob.

Julio Vega, alias O. Bucky Akenbola, alias A Deconvert, one of Raoul's key enforcers, posing as a copy boy, entered the United States to try and track down the agents of the Green Man. He made himself known by telling the Discomfiter site that he had deconverted. Ms. Madison put a call through to the Green Man's base is Nassau, informing him that a powerful henchman of the Discomfiter was in the United States. The Green Man alerted his other agents, in part to protect Ms. Madison, including a man posing as an organ grinder.

The Green Man issued strong warnings to the confederates of the Discomfiter, telling them that they could not escape the vengeance of the Green Man. As the agents of the Discomfiter suggested ways they might deal with the agents of the Green Man, so the Green Man threatened them with consequences a thousand times more devastating. You will know the truth, the Green Man declared, and the truth will make you hurt. One pretending deconvert asked, 'why couldn't God have given man the gift of fire?' The Green Man replied, The Green Man will give you the gift of pain.

But unknown to the Green Man, the agents of the Discomfiter were closer than he expected to the Los Angeles Hilton, and to Ms. Vivienne L. Madison.


Zack said...

The O. Bucky's will be shocked.

They might even sue.

(They usually win such cases. Just a glance at their letterhead sends everyone digging into their pocketbooks to settle out of court.)

The Green Man said...

Let then try. The Green Man has never been sued.