Saturday, August 26, 2006

More News from No-where

The tiny Norfolk village of Little Hautbois, only a few miles from the metropolis of Stratton Strawless, saw the results of another of the Disturber's foul plans.

Cocker Spaniel Toots has been caught gorging herself on vegetables out of her owner's garden. She browses on lettuce and dug up and ate every carrot in the vegetable patch.

That's right. A predominantly vegetarian dog!

Monty Bristow declared that this proved the pre-fallen nature of dogs. Although this would have brought howls of anger from the evolutionist establishment, there was silence, and seven Scientific journals published his foundings. Mostly out of fear of the supervillain's flying spaghetti monster.


Zack said...

No doubt a transmigration of souls. Voltaire will have some explanation.

Green Man Fan said...

How does one contact The Green Man? There are some criminals upon whom I'd like to have some vengeance visited? What are the fees of The Green Man?

Who is sponsoring The Green Man? Is it the US War Bonds office? Ivory Soap? Edsel?

The Girl in Grey said...

So long as The Green Man stays out of my town. Or at least contacts me before visiting vengeance on criminals there. It's so frustrating when someone else gets there first

The Green Man said...

All contact with the Green Man is through his ever-efficient secretary, Ms. Madison, or his agents.

Mostly, one does not contact the Green Man. He will contact those who need his help.

L. Madison said...

The Green Man is sponsored by Puddings of Pudding Norton. For all your dessert needs.