Friday, September 01, 2006

Trail of the Disturber, part two

Ms. Madsion awoke the next morning to the call of the Muzzein. She put the pillow over her head and tried to get back to sleep.

'I can see what your prayer is for,' someone laughed, close at hand.

'The Green Man!' She sat up, holding the sheets to her. 'How did you get in here?'

'Through the door.' He confessed. 'I will not stay for long. Did you sleep well?'

'Like a log,' she laughed. 'What's the drill?'

'Monty Bristow, alias the Disturber, has disappeared,' the Green Man explained. 'After causing havoc on three continents, he has vanished. He was last reported in Cairo, two days ago, and my sources tell me he's planning something huge.'

'Well,' the blonde brushed tousled hair out of her face with one hand, 'it had better not involve atom bombs. We just dealt with one of those.'

'It could be worse, my dear,' the Green Man shook his head. 'Some sources have placed the Disturber in the Sinai, one of the most unstable frontiers on earth.'

'If he were to stage an attack on Israel using mercenaries dressed as Egyptian toops...' Ms. Madison blanched.

'Or vice-versa.' The Green Man nodded. 'Exactly. We know Bristow means to disrupt the fragile consensuses that hold the world together, and the Sinai is one of those areas of consensus. Today, you will go to the Pyramids and meet one Ali ben-ali, an information broker. You will find out whether Bristow has hired any mercenaries, while I take the direct approach.'

'Of course,' Ms. Madison smiled. 'I'll dress as soon as you've gone.'

'Good girl,' the Green Man vanished through a hidden door in the wall, leaving Ms. Madison alone.

What, she wondered, would the day bring?


green man fan said...

I wonder if the Discomfiter is truly deceased, or whether he has merely fooled the Green Man into thinking he has been eliminated. Perhaps The Discomfiter is merely regrouping and amassing a new set of henchmen (along with rebuilding a new underground lair) while the Green Man is busy with The Disturber, eh?

The Green Man said...

That is always a possibility. After all, the bodies in the control room were burned beyond recognition.

the girl in grey said...

If you find the Discomfiter, Green Man, give me a call. I'd love to help.

The Green Man said...

Ms. Madison will be in touch

Zack said...

The bodies in the control room belonged to the crew of Star Trek who had suddenly beamed in to the wrong dimension.

The Green Man said...

Could be... I see the hand of Monty Bristow in that case.