Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trail of the Disturber: Part Four

The Green Man covered his face, leaping from the burning building, in hot pursuit of the arsonist. He leapt onto a camel, following the fugitive. Riding the beast in approved Western style (Eastern desert Bedouin ride side-saddle), the Green Man rode down the fugitive, and within moments had him hidden in an old tomb without any food. The man told him that the Disturber had left Cairo for places unknown. Giving the man a spoon to dig himself out with, the Green Man made his way to the pyramids, where Ms. Madison was meeting an information broker.

The lovely blonde, modestly dressed, was deep in conversation with the robed information broker, all the while trying to keep away from his pudgy hands.

'Young lady,' he made to kiss her, 'Monty Bristow passed through here, but he is gone. For a touch of your ruby lips, I will tell you where he is gone.'

'Listen, Effendi,' the blonde scowled. 'To kiss you, you'd have to be offering me Bristow's head on a plate.'

'Then I will not tell you,' he shook his head emphatically. 'No matter what you will offer.'

'In that case,' the Green Man entered, 'you can join one of Bristow's men in the Green Man diet. He's locked in an old tomb with a spoon to dig out with.'

'Okay, okay!' the man screamed, 'I tell you! He is gone to Sinai Desert! Gone to Mount Sinai!'

'Come,' the Green Man gestured to Ms. Madison. 'You need to get packed for a trip to St. Catherine.'

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