Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trail of the Disturber: Part Three

As the ever-lovely Ms. Madison headed off to keep a date at the Pyramids, the Green Man headed for somewhat less salubrious premises, a warehouse in the slums of Cairo. An ancient city, built in layer-cake style, was somewhat reminiscent of some versions of Batman's Gotham.

The Green Man kept to the shadows, Egyptians turned away from him, knowing that the Green Man was on the prowl. The last place that the Disturber had been seen, this warehouse was owned by a petty crook by the name of Abdul Aziz Haalam, and the Green Man meant to see him.

Approaching the warehouse, the Green Man climbed a drain-pipe. Crouching in the window, the Green Man looked into the crate-filled warehouse. He saw no movement. Slowly, the Green Man lowered himself into the great space, dropping down behind a pile of crates.

Slowly, he made his way forward, looking for the office of Abdul. Slowly, he saw the bloated Egyptian crook.

Bloated because he had been hanging on a meat-hook in his office for some days. A sound from the warehouse alerted the Green Man, who ran out into the main body of the warehouse once more. Before he could follow the trail of the man in the warehouse, the whole building exploded in flames.


Zack said...

Is he dead? Or just well done?

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