Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trail of the Disturber Part Nine

The flying pasta beast moved nearer and nearer, dripping menacingly, its slimy tentrils reaching out towards Ms. Madison's shrinking body. She still had enough spirit to scream, hoping thereby to distract the flying spaghetti monster.

"No!" Bistow howled with laughter. "It obeys only me! Nothing in the world can stop me now!"

"Nothing, Monty?"

One of the Bedouin started forward, shedding his turban to revealed the masked features of the Green Man. As he interposed himself between Miss Madison and the ravening monster, the Green Man drew what appeared to be a snub-nosed automatic from under his bedouin robes.

This surprised Ms. Madison for two reasons. First, the Green Man had to have seen her futile attempt to shoot the monster. Second, the Green Man normally used a shiny long-barrelled revolver.

"Bullets can't harm it!" Bristow laughed. "You have met your match this time, Green Man!"

"You're wrong, Bristow!" the Green Man shouted back. "This is no ordinary gun!"

"No matter," Bristow cackled. urging his monster onwards. "Kill them, my pretty! Kill them at once!"

The monster opened its vast, slimy maw. Ms. Madison screamed again, wrinkiling her cute nose at its bad breath. Bristow laughed still more insanely.

"Never fear, only close your eyes!" The Green Man pulled the trigger of his gun.

There was a blinding flash and a terrific explosion.


The Girl in Grey said...

Has the fearsome flying pasta beast been destroyed? And has it taken the Green Man with it?

And, more importantly, will Islamic food laws allow the Arabs to eat the remains, or must it be left to the Christians?

I can't wait to find out!

Zack said...

It was a pasta gun.

I will eat the remains. I am not bound by the laws of any religion. I am an atheist. And I love spaghetti.

The female once had a large Spanish style skirt which she and her husband considered living in as bedouins. They were going to go about in their bathrobes with towels on their heads (very handy for storing salt shakers and nail clippers and batteries and small appliances: the female was going to keep an orange juicer under hers) and camp in people's backyards. It would have been just the life for them. But they were hindered at the last moment by finding out that the skirt would need to be registered and licensed, and this involved fees.

The Green Man said...

All will be revealed in the thrilling conclusion of "The Trail of the Disturber!"