Friday, September 22, 2006

Trail of the Disturber Part ten

The Flying Spaghetti Monster stopped flying, and crashed to the ground, sizzling. Bristow cried out in rage, and stopped hovering.

"What have you done!" he cried, furious.

"Microwaves," the Green Man replied enigmatically. "I don't fully understand myself, but it worked. Bristow, your reign of terror is at an end."

"Oh, no," the supervillain laughed. "It's only just begun, Green Man! The Flying Spaghetti Monster may be no more, but I can make more of them. This is only the first round. Maybe the people will have to do without my ten commandments, but I assure you that I shall have my revenge on all humanity!"

"From six feet under?" the Green Man stepped forward, discarding his bedouin robes to reveal the familiar costume of the Green Man.

"Never!" Bristow duiscarded his beard and wig, drawing a sword from under his robes. "You will not live long enough!"

A host of men in camoflage rose up from the mountain, toting guns. The Green Man raised his own hand. Bedouin, the guardians of the mountain, drew their guns. Soon, the mountain was the site of a fierce gun battle. Try as they might, however, Bristow's men were clearly losing ground, falling back before the superior numbers (and camels) of the Bedouin. Out of the corner of his eye, the Green Man saw Bristow slip away.

"Watch that none escape!" the Green Man commanded, throwing Ms. Madison a fresh pistol. "I'm going after Bristow!"

The villain tried to escape down the pentitent steps, hewn out of the rock centuries ago by the monks of St. Catherine. Bounding down them like a mountain goat, apparently unencumbered by his flowing robes, it seemed possible that Bristow might escape. Looking behind him, he saw no sign of the Green Man. So, with a laugh of triumph, he turned to continue his progress.

"Looking for someone?"

Bristow could only gasp in horror. There, stood in front of him, was The Green Man, his trenchcoat blowing in the early morning breeze.

Lifting his sword, Bristow charged the Green Man. The terror of the wicked laughed, leaping aside at the last moment. With a scream of terror, the supervillain plunged off the mountain. The Green Man was left alone, waiting for Ms. Madison to join him.


Zack said...

But he survives the fall doesn't he? He lands on a marshmellow plantation or feet first on a strategically placed pogo stick etc. (which sharpened was such a deadly weapon in the hands of O. Bucky A.)

I liked the part where he leaped like a mountain goat with his robes billowing. Very pictureseque. It reminded me of the time the female's sister fell off the front porch apparently unimpeded by her flowing dress.

The Girl in Grey said...

Only time will tell if Monty Bistow will, Fu Manchu-like, survive.

The Green Man said...

As you may recall, Monty Bristow floated down from the sky onto the mountain.

The Girl in Grey said...

Aha! That's true!
And, unlike Fu Manchu, he wasn't shot through the head at any point.