Friday, January 19, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Sixteen

The men on the television screens gasped at the sight laid out before them. It was a good minute before one of the observers could speak.

"It is all very impressive," the oriental declared. "But a pipe-dream. How do you propose to do it?"

"The final stage is happening now," the Grey Tabby told him grimly. "And the British Government will do my work for me."

"Explain," one of the Europeans spoke.

"Under the British National Security Process," the super-villain explained, "London will be evacuated in the event of a chemical or biological weapons attack. The Police will lead that, while the army sets up a cordon at the edge of greater London.

"Within a day, the Police in a number of London Boroughs will be stood down for twenty-four hours. Seven hours into that, a number of Chemical weapons will be detonated throughout London. The Cabinet has already left to its bolt-hole in the Chilterns, and many army units are already pulling back to the cordon position. My men have chemical warfare suits and they will restore order, after destroying Scotland Yard. I shall be the master of London!"

"But the army..." the asian pointed out.

"Will not risk killing thousands of civillians," the Grey Tabby declared. "And by that time, criminals from all over Europe will be here. I shall destroy City Hall and rule myself. There will be no law, gentlemen, except out law. We shall open Casinos and abolish all taxes - the people of London who survive will fight for us. And all the criminals of Europe will have a safe haven with its own port. With the remaining chemical weapons, we shall force the British Government to let us carry on."

"And us?" the asian leaned towards the screen.

"For a million dollars a year," the Grey Tabby told them, "and the use of your men, you will have a one-fifth share in the Republic of London. Do I have your agreement?"

"You do," all three men nodded.

"That is good," the Grey Tabby turned from them. "Miss Jones, now we can begin. Start the count-down."

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