Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Nine:

"Oh, goody!" the Girl in Grey rubbed her hands together, adopting a fighting stance.

"Now for some fun. Ready to go to prison for a long time?"
"After all," Ms. Madison chipped in, "you must know we destroyed your men downstairs. The lights!"
The Outsider flicked the light switch, and the girls made ready to do unspeakable things to the Man who had called himself master of London.
But there was no man there, only a large grey Tabby with a speaker attached to its neck. The room filled with laughter once more.
"I respect you far too much for that...." The gangster chuckled. "But know that you cannot be everywhere...."
"We don't have to be," Ms. Madison replied spiritedly. "Just others like us."
"And the Outsider," Emily spoke menacingly. "I can be places you can't believe."
"She can, you know," the Girl in Grey smiled. "So how about you walk away right now, before things get really tough?"
"Yeah!" Ms. Madison laughed.
"I could say the same thing," the Grey Tabby growled. "You will do no more against my men, or you will suffer. And the Savoy will suffer for what you have done here. Soon, no-one will oppose my men."
"Except us," Ms. Madison replied. "Our families will fight alongside us - mush."
"You will regret this," the voice said, before the tabby cat walked through the room. The Outsider opened the door for it. "Do not doubt it."
"And that means Emily stays with you tonight," the Girl in Grey instructed Ms. Madison. "I'm off to keep a watch on the streets."
"And that," Ms. Madison shed her dress, sitting by the window, "is that. Fancy something to eat, Emily?"
"No." The Outsider sat down, materialising again. "Do you have anything I can shoot at?"


The Girl in Grey said...

She prefers criminals, but a target should do if you can't find any.

Ms. L. Madison said...

Oh, she went for Pigeons.

The Girl in Grey said...

There's always pigeons.