Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Eight

Ms. Madison and the Girl in Grey were able to slip away from the admiring crowds (not that they had tried very hard when the press turned up), and head upstairs. Since the Outsider had gone invisible, they had to trust that she could see them. Taking the lift to Ms. Madison's suite, they spent the way up laughing at what they had done.

"What do you think they'll tell the boss?" Ms. Madison asked, laughing happily.

"That London's society girls are way too tough and he should get out of town..." the Girl in Grey hung onto her friend.

"No," Ms. Madison shook her head. "He'll decide to have a go at the Savoy again."

"Then I'll move in with you." The Girl in Grey patted Ms. Madison's cheek. "Or I'll leave Emily. Scruff sort of needs me - and so do the cats."

"I understand," Ms. Madison smiled, "just come in for a chat. We have to work out our next move. Besides," she laughed, "it's almost time for the late news, and I think we'll be on it."

The lift stopped, and the girls stepped out, hurrying into Ms. Madison's room. The Girl in Grey sat down on the sofa, while Ms. Madison rang for room service. Before she could do any more, all the lights went out. Someone male began to laugh, very close at hand.

"Two clever girls," he spoke softly, voice mocking. "Didn't you consider that I might have planned that as a distraction?"

"Depends who you are," Ms. Madison replied. "Who are you?"

"I," the speaker announced, "am the Grey Tabby. Shortly to be master of London."

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The Girl in Grey said...

Oh goody, I'd love to beat him up. 'Master of London', who does he think he's kidding!