Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Seven

Ms. Madison rose slowly, careful to keep her hands in view. At the same time, the Girl in Grey slumped in her chair, hoping no-one would notice. All the while, the gangsters strutted as though they were masters of London.

"You know the Met hasn't stood down," Ms. Madison declared in perfect cut-glass tones.

"Can it, duchess!" one of the mobsters turned, looking nasty. He was also angry, and glared at Ms. Madison.

"Or you'll what?" the blonde shot back, fearless. She heard the Outsider loading her crossbow. As the man raised his arm to strike, a crossbow-bolt hit him in the chest, and he fell to the floor, quite dead.

"It's her!" the gangsters shouted together, scanning the room for any trace of the Outsider. One of them saw something, but it turned out to be another crossbow bolt. As the same time, the Girl in Grey emerged from under the table, in cowl and costume. A single karate kick sent one man flying.

"The Girl in Grey!" the gangsters, now down to eight, turned on her. Ms. Madison shot one of them, and the Outsider got another.

The Girl in Grey ducked a couple of slugs, knocking a man back against the bar. Ms. Madison bounced a plate off a thug's head, while shooting another. The screams of gangsters and many guests filled the air, as the Outsider appeared, her eyes glowing, cross-bow clearly visible. Two more men fell victim to the terrifying figure.

"Get out." Ms. Madison addressed the remaining gangsters, her gun unwavering. "And remember, Scotland Yard will not stand down. The people of London support them."
The man raised his gun, only to have the Outsider shoot him in the shoulder. With his remaining fellows, the men turned and ran.

"They'll be back." Ms. Madison sighed.
"And we'll be there." The Outsider toted her crossbow menacingly.


The Girl in Grey said...

Emily's wonderfully violent, in my opinion.

green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

You go, girls!

Ms. L. Madison said...


The Girl in Grey said...