Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Vengeance: Four

Ms. Madison could only look at the urbane figure of the Disturber, her mouth dry, head spinning. It seemed too incredible to believe - Monty Bristow knowing the identity of the Green Man! Why, she didn't know that!

"You..." she tried to speak, only to have the words die in her mouth.

"I do," Bistow chuckled. "Does that surprise you, Lynette Madison?"

"Yes," the blonde nodded, trembling slightly.

"Why this is thrilling!" Lady Sylvia laughed excitedly, clapping her hands. "The identity of the Green Man. And I always thought the police made him up to explain crimes they couldn't solve!"

Ms. Madison wished she could silence the bubbly brunette, as the Disturber smiled mockingly across the room.

"And don't pretend you don't know," the Disturber laughed. "Unless you're even dumber than I thought. After all, you are waiting for him, aren't you?"

"You mean to tell us that the Green Man my brother?" Lady Sylvia's eyes widened.

"No." The Disturber rose to his feet. "The Green Man is Michael Rake."


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

That is an interesting surmisal on the part of Mr Bristow. Yet I find various holes in the theory.

Sir Richard Arcos said...

Brother, you could drive a bus through that theory. Bristow is barking up entirely the wrong gum-tree.

green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

A few problems: first, as Sir Richard Arcos notes, there are scenes when Ms Madison is dancing with Mr Rake, yet The Green Man calls her.

While this could be pulled off, it would seem almost cruel for The Green Man to play with Ms Madison's heart this way. And we all know The Green Man fights cruelty and evil in the world --- he does not add to it.

The other major obstacle to the theory is that The Green Man would be somewhat of a two-timer as he has already puckered up for The Girl in Grey. Now Mr Rake seems like an honest and unassuming gentleman, and if he were The Green Man, that would be contrary to his upstanding character.

My guess is that Mr Bristow knows his own theory is false, yet by promulgating such falsehood he hopes to lure The Green Man into a cleverly and diabolically created trap by which he (Mr Bristow) can disturb the world once more!

The Girl in Grey said...

The Green man had BETTER NOT BE. Otherwise I'll be the maddest girl on the planet, and he would be the biggest two-timing louse! And then some!

The Girl in Grey said...

Sorry, I let my emotions get the better of me. The Green Man isn't Mr. Rake, he can't be. I've seen both of them, and I've seen (and kissed!) the Green Man without his mask.