Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Eighteen

Ms. Madison, in a very expensive-looking evening gown, looked over at the floodlit bulk of Southwark Cathedral, then to the black and smoky form standing beside her.

"Well," she sighed, "we're the law here after ten o'clock, Emily. I just hope the bad guys are ready for us."

"I don't care." The Outsider primed her crossbow. "All I know is that some wicked people are about to die."

"You sound just like my boss," Ms. Madison smiled. "Only younger and female."

"Let's do it," the Outsider laughed.

"Wait." Ms. Madison indicated a policeman on the corner. "Not yet, Emily - unless you want to see me badly injure that bobby."

"And get put across your father's knee," Emily added.

Before Ms. Madison could reply, the policeman spoke into his radio, and strode off. As he rounded the corner, shadowy figures detatched themselves from the shadows. Someone heaved a brick at the plate-glass window of a shop, and the crowd surged towards it.

Two of Emily's cross-bow bolts stopped the lead men, before Ms. Madison stepped in, a long-barreled pistol in her hand.

"Time to stop it," Ms. Madison spoke softly. "Unless a few of you want to find out what it's like to be dead." She brandished the gun menacingly.
"And so say all of us," the Outsider materialised, then dematerialised.
"The Outsider!" the men turned and ran.
"Result." Ms. Madison struck a cute pose.
Before she could say more, an explosion rocked the city.
"A bank vault," Ms. Madison sighed.

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The Girl in Grey said...

They keep you busy, those crooks.