Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Nineteen

The Green Man looked out across the flames that marked the area of London where the Police had stood down. Standing beside him, the Girl in Grey shook her head.

"And my London, too!" she shook her head. "How could they?"

"They're weak, my dear," the Green Man told her grimly. "That is why we exist. They think they can avoid harm by giving in to a blackmailer."

"I thought we didn't give in to blackmailers," the Girl in Grey sighed.

"Everyone does." The Green Man told her. "But if the Grey Tabby had told the people of London, what do you think would have happened?"

"Mass panic, of course," the Girl in Grey replied. "So they give in. And now we're all that stand between London and the men of the Grey Tabby is us."

"And what does he want?" The Green Man looked to flickering flames on the skyline. "I can't believe all he wants is this. Not when he has chemical weapons."

"So what, then?" the Girl in Grey demanded.

"We have to find the Grey Tabby," the Green Man told her. "And we have to find those chemical warheads."

Another explosion rent the night air.

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