Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Twenty-one

The Girl in Grey threw a looter into the Thames. Just another nasty sneak-thief taking advantage of the chaos of the city south of the Thames, she thought to herself. But the Green Man was inside the warehouse, looking for something after a tip-off from a beggar who was apparently one of his agents and had seen something being carried into it. She was on watch, while the Green Man and his agent searched for whatever it was.

A noise behind her caused the Girl in Grey to turn, removing her whip from her belt. There stood seven men in the sharp suits and fedoras of the Grey Tabby's gangsters.

"Well," one of the men laughed, "the Girl in Grey, consort of the Green Man."

"I wish," the Girl in Grey laughed. "You, I take it, are the Grey Tabby's goons."
"You got it, sister," the gangster grinned, reaching for his gun.

The Girl in Grey's whip tore the gun from his hand. A second blow from the whip sent the man spinning towards her. A high-kick from the Girl in Grey knocked him cold. She laughed, knocking out another man.

But it was too late. Something heavy smashed into the back of her head, and the Girl in Grey slid to the ground, her head spinning.

"Take her to the prison." Through the haze of semi-consciousness, the Girl in Grey saw the imposing figure of the Grey Tabby. "We will deal with her later."


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

Perhaps the enmity between The Grey Tabby and The Girl in Grey is due to a good old-fashioned cat-fight over an identical colour-scheme!

The Girl in Grey said...

You bet! That and his being a nasty criminal