Monday, January 08, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Six

Ms. Madion hopped out of Mr. Rake's car at the Savoy, gave him a lingering kiss, then turned and walked through the doors of the luxurious hotel. The doorman saluted her, recognising her as a frequent guest, while a page approached her as she passed the desk.

"Ms. Madison?" the question caused her to turn. "You have company waiting in the bar."

"Great," Ms. Madison smiled. "Who is it?"

"She didn't say," the page replied.

"She doesn't need to," Ms. Madison laughed. "If she is a she, then I know who it is. Any company with her?"

"A girl who normally wouldn't be allowed in here," the page smiled back. "But seeing as they were calling for you, Ms. Madison..."

"Thanks," the blonde smiled cutely, before heading on into the bar.

The Girl in Grey, dressed in a long coat, rose at Ms. Madison's entry. So did scruff, and the way the other chair moved indicated that the Outsider was with them.

"Shall we go to my suite?" Ms. Madison asked.

Before she could do anything more, the doors of the bar crashed open, and a horde of masked gunmen poured through.

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The Girl in Grey said...

Oh goody, I love hordes of masked gunmen! Emily loves them even more! Of course, she's also a lot more lethal.