Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Seventeen

Back at the Savoy Hotel, Ms. Madison relaxed, looking out over the Thames. She had been disturbed by her father's comments, but there was nothing more she could do. Now dressed for lounging about her hotel room, she was talking to the Outsider, who had materialised again.

"Do you think the Police 'll stand down?" she asked.

"Possibly," the Outsider drew her crossbow, "but if they do, I'll be there. And so will you, Lynette."

"Thanks," the blonde laughed. "But I'm a lot less lethal than you."

"Desn't matter," the Outsider declared menacingly. "You can learn."

"Are you offering to teach me?" Ms. Madison enquired cautiously.

"Yes," the Outsider shot back at once.

Before Ms. Madison could offer a reply, the telephone rang stridently. Starting, the blonde plucked up her 'phone.

"Lynette Madison," she announced.

"Hi, Lynette," the Girl in Grey laughed. "How's the Outsider?"

"Emily's offering to teach me the crossbow," Ms. Madison explained earnestly. "Your end?

"The Green Man and I," the Girl in Grey sighed romantically, "have been..."

"Petting?" Ms. Madison suggested mischievously.

"Not that!" the Girl in Grey protested. "We've been checking the identity of the dead men. They're mostly London gangsters, with a few from Liverpool and Glasgow."

"Nothing remarkable there," Ms. Madison sighed.

"But a number of them were recently released from gaol," the added. "The vast majority, in fact. And the others were their known associates. All were released early after completing some rehabillitation programme."

"Let me guess," Ms. Madison laughed. "The same programme."


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

Such vile villainy must, at all costs, be stopped! If The Grey Tabby takes over London, then the world will be the next objective!

The Girl in Grey said...

Oh, I know his type. He doesn't want to conquer the world - but if he hits London with those bombs, property prices are going to hit the floor! And it'll ruin the neighbourhood too.