Friday, January 26, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Twenty

The Grey Tabby looked towards the fires in South London from his penthouse, a sadistic smile on his cruel features. Beside him, Miss Jones held a little pad, looking cold and efficient as usual.

"Reports, Miss Jones?" he asked her.

"The Police are stood down in our selected districts," she spoke crisply. "Criminals are causing chaos, although there are reports of resistance in the area of Southwark. A blonde girl, probably the Green Man's assistant."

"Have her brought in," the Grey Tabby told her. "But not to here. To the warehouse."

"With the bomb?" Miss Jones looked surprised.
"Not that one, the other one!" The Grey Tabby exclaimed. "And tell the gunmen to keep an eye out for the Girl in Grey and the Green Man. I want them out of the way, preferrably dead!"
"At once," she turned from the window and headed back into the outer office.

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