Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Eleven

The mighty towers of the Natural History Museum speak of its status as a temple of natural science. As usual, the museum was packed with vistors, families showing their children around the amazing space. Many a scientist would have smiled at it all, but few can have any illusion that the main draw was the dinosaurs inside. But that is the way of things.

The attendants were a little puzzled by the sharp-suited men who strode into the museum, a couple of them carrying violin cases. One man thought to challenge them, only to be knocked out. Guards rose, and the violin cases opened, revealing tommy-guns.Thus armed and equipped, the mobsters strode through into the main hall.

One man discharged his gun, drawing screams from the visitors. He only laughed, the others forming a phalanx behind him. A number of men appeared at the other doors, having crept in undetected.

"You will give us your money!" the leading gangster announced. "Then your bank details. After that, you will be allowed to go." A somewhat nerdy-looking man set up a computer. "The Grey Tabby gives you his word."

"And the Grey Tabby was pretty free with it on insecure connections." Ms. Madison strode through a door, over the body of an unconscious gangster. "Your boss is all brawn but very little brain, in my opinion."

"Really?" the lead gangster moved his gun to cover the blonde. "You didn't think it might be a trap?"

"The thought had occured to us." The Girl in Grey strode through another door, having knocked two more men out. And maybe you'd forgotten about the Savoy."
"Not at all!" the men opened up with their tommy-guns, as the visitors hit the floor, screaming in terror. The girls turned from the doors, only to find men behind them, guns ready.
"Don't accept their surrender!" the gangster cried. "Kill them!"

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The Girl in Grey said...

I hate it when they do that.