Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Grey Tabby: One

The guard checked his watch. It was just a little bit before eleven. He smiled, glad that there were only a few hours before he was relieved. Night duty at the British Museum was nothing if it was not creepy, especially in the Egyptian galleries, among massive statues, visible only as strange shapes in the gloom. It was like walking in a massive indoor cemetery. Still, the pay was good, and the duties not too onerous.

Then he heard it. A cat crying, that strange, frightening sound which chills the blood, especially in the presence of so many parts so many statues of the Egyptian Cat Goddes, Bast. Turning, he illuminated his torch. What he saw shocked him.

A glass case was open, and he inside it was a little knitted Tabby cat.


green man fan said...

Surely a nefarious concoction is brewing in the cauldron of evil. Could this be the start of yet another thrilling adventure of The Green Man?

The Girl in Grey said...

I love the grey tabby, though.