Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Supplement: A New Church?

Ms. Madison here: I spent the weekend with Lady Sylvia Vaughan at a shooting-box in Denbighshire. Naturally, we had to find a church yesterday. Many of the churches in the county are Welsh-speaking, and we had to wander a bit. At last, seeing a sign for 'Denbigh True Baptist Church' on a newly-opened building, we decided to go there.

The hymn-book was familliar, and we started with 'How Happy Are We/ Our Election who see.' The prayer made special mention of 'God's Animal creation.' By this time, the alarm bells were screaming. We were told that there would be a baptism service after the sermon. The pastor preached on God's creation, lingering over the passages that indicate that Christ's death had a reference to the animal creation. By the time the cat basket was produced, I was no longer surprised.

It was a new church of the Cat-Baptists. Those guys seem to follow me around! As the new (as unblemished elders, produced a black cat from the basket, opened the baptistry, and tried to immerse the cat. It spat and scratched, so soon the baptistry was full of blood. At last, the cat was immersed three times, after which it shot out of the water and hid under Lady Sylvia's dress. We took it home and gave it to the Girl in Grey. She was grateful for it, and Scruff and I arranged to go to a social gospel church next Sunday. I'm taking my best frock.

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The Girl in Grey said...

I'm a sucker for a cat.