Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday Supplement: You'd be surprised

Ms. Madison here. Scruff joined me for the evening service at a chapel in Paddington. This Chapel is in a building I once went to when I was a little girl. The church that used it had closed down, and it was being used by a gange of forgers when my father caught them. Since theb, it has been bought by a group calling themselves: 'The Authentic Church.'

We got there during the first hym, as we couldn't find a place to park. Scruff wore baggy jeans and a tee-shirt, while I wore a new dress from the sales. I tried to convince Scruff to do the same., but she just glared at me (I mean, some girls). The man giving out hymnbooks glared at me, and was very nice to Scruff, wich I thought was a bit unfair. I know you're not supposed to treat someone in nice clothes better than someone who can't dress properly. But surely everyone's equal in God's sight - even fashion plates?

But enough whingeing. Everyone glared at me, so I smiled back. The rest of the congregation were dressed any old how, so Scruff fitted in pretty well. Not like yours truly. I felt very lost indeed.

We sang a couple of worship songs, before the 'message.' It wasn't a sermon, but everyone was encouraged to share. I decided to walk up to the front, when someone squirted me with one of those trick flowers, ruining my make-up. It was Scruff, and I told her off.

For which I was thrown out of the Chapel.

Scruff says the service was pretty odd. No-one seemed to know what they were talking about, so she joined in and pointed out where someone had gone wrong.
That's when she left.
I've informed my father that the forers are back in business and that the chapel is a front.

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