Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Twelve

A single gunshot split the air, the man facing Ms. Madison jerked convulsively before hitting the ground, his life's blood pumping out of him. A second shot disposed of the man who had meant to kill the Girl in Grey. Ms. Madison laughed, as a familiar figure stepped out of the shadows.

"The Green Man!" the gangsters gasped in amazement.

"Backup," Ms. Madison confirmed, her own gun held unwaveringly at the opposition.

"Now go to it." The Green Man shot another thug.

Andrea emerged from the other passage, a tommy-gun held in her hands. The Girl in Grey drew her whip from her belt and leapt over the rail, onto the gangsters, the Green Man following. Soon, the hall of the Natural History Museum was filled with unconscious or dead hoods.

"And Emily reports success her end," Ms. Madison laid down her radio. "It looks like the Grey Tabby's plans are well and truly on the skids."

"Don't be so sure," the Green Man warned them. "Now that his plans are being disrupted, he's likely to change them. And that could mean sometheing far deadlier than robbery."

"What do you mean?" the girls asked anxiously.

"I mean," the Green Man told them, "that this felt very much like a distraction."


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

I suspect that The Grey Tabby has indeed hatched a plan whereby The Green Man is distracted from the true diabolical machinations of this most cunning criminal mind!

Please, O Green Man, rid the world of yet another evildoer, and visit swift vengeance upon The Grey Tabby!

Ms. L. Madison said...

Oh, it'll be arranged.

The Girl in Grey said...

With bells on!