Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When Green Meets Grey: Part Fourteen

The Girl in Grey looked up at the massive pyramids as they loomed out of the gloom of dawn. She sighed in wonder at the massive structures.

"Impressive, aren't they?" the Green Man asked, walking alongside her. "You know, we'd have trouble building them today."

"Amazing..." the Girl in Grey shook her head. "How'd they do it?"

"Lots and lots of Egyptian peasant famers on their off days," the Green Man chuckled. "But it seems like someone's decided to turn this one into a fortress of evil."

"How do we get in?" the Girl in Grey cast a critical eye over the mighty structure.

"There's always a weak point," the Green Man told her confidently. "Remember, the pyramids at Giza were all robbed."

"I can't remember that," the Grey girl replied, "I never knew it. They never taught me it."

By this time, they had reached the foot of the pyramid, and the sun was in the sky (mostly because of the fact that we have a picture of a lone pyramid). The Green Man looked at it and seemed less impressed by the massive structure than the Girl in Grey.

"There's a ventilator close to us," the Green Man explained, pointing to what looked like a sand dune. "We'll climb down that way. Unless, of course," he turned to the Girl in Grey, "you have a problem with confined spaces."

"None at all," the Girl in Grey laughed. "You should see some of the places I used to live when I was a student."

"Ms. Madison said the same thing the first time she had to climb down a ventilation shaft," the Green Man chuckled. "Is student accomodation really that bad?"

"Yes," the Girl in Grey knelt by the sand dune. Lifting what turned out to be the corner of a square of lino, she revealed a grille. Some quick work with tools from her utility belt dealt with the grille, and soon the crime-fighting pair were descending a duct, into the bowels of the pyramid complex.

The shaft was dark and constricted, the humm of machinery ever-present. As they descended further into the bowels of the earth, voices could be heard a long way off. At last, the duo left the duct and descended onto an empty balcony. Below them, a man seated on a throne was reviewing troops. Only the troops were domestic appliances, thousands on thousands of them. The Girl in Grey gasped in shock.

"All right, girlie!" Two men stepped out of the shadows, brandishing guns.

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The Girl in Grey said...

I hate guns. They're noisy and they make holes in people.