Saturday, October 07, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Eleven

Professor Gawain wore a scarlet tunic and shoes. A golden diadem encircled his brow, and he wore a sword by his side. Ms. Madison just looked at the exotic figure, her eyes bulging.

"But... but," she stammered, "I saw you killed!"

"You saw someone killed," the Professor replied, smiling.

"And your daughter handled the identification," the blonde sighed.

"You got it, blondie," Ygraine smiled. "Professor Gawain is definitely dead. In fact, we switched my father for a prepared corpse using the matter-transmitter."

"Clever," Ms. Madison nodded, pretending to be impressed. "And I guess 'Merlin' was created using the same technology."

"Merlin is bach," the Professor explained. "Now, why don't we go somewhere more confortable?

"I'm not stopping you," Ms. Madison smiled.

"Shut up, blondie," Ygraine pushed her gun into Ms. Madison's tummy.

"You got bullied by pretty blondes as well, didn't you?" Ms. Madison cracked. She got walloped for her pains, and pushed into the room beyond.

A huge octagonal library, with a Roman statue in the middle, lay beyond. Ms. Madison sprawled onto the floor, hitting the unyielding marble with enough force to wind her. Looking over at the blonde, the villains smiled.

"Tomorrow," Professor Gawain declared, "I shall be king of England - King Arthur returned. I shall appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the changing of the guard."

"And the Government will let you?" Ms. Madison laughed mockingly. "Do you really think so?"

"When the guard is changed for my guard," Gawain laughed, "they will have no choice. See, my guards!"

The doors opened, and a mass of large thugs in Roman armour trooped in. Again Professor Gawain began to laugh insanely, as more and more men began to march into the hall. Men dressed as Roman soldiers and later warriors continued to pour into the library.

"Nothing in the world can stop me now!" the Professor laughed.


The Girl in Grey said...

I was wrong, if you please!
I should have guessed, of course.

He should know that nothing in the world can stop him now EXCEPT the Green Man.

The Green Man said...

The wicked shall know vengeance.

The Girl in Grey said...

You said it, brother