Saturday, October 07, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Ten

"You know," Ygraine observed to Ms. Madison, as one of the security men led them towards the entrance to Carleon Research's Laboratories. "That last extract was really boring."

"I thought so, too," the blonde nodded, "but there had to be some sort of explanation and exposition at some point. Still, I think that's enough of that. Shall we go see the mad scientists?"

"My dear child," a grey-haired man stepped from the shadows with a suddenness that caused Ms. Madison to jump, "contrary to popular belief, most scientists are not shock-headed men in grubby white lab-coats." He leered at the well-dressed blonde.

"No," Ms. Madison nodded sagely. "Some of them are strange creepy men who leer at girls young enough to be their grand-daughters." She thrust out a hand. "Ms. Madison."

"Dr. John Stack," the man took Ms. Madison's gloved hand. It came off in his grip, leaving the two girls laughing. The scientist did not look best impressed.

"Very funny," he sighed. "Now, perhaps I can shatter your fondly-held illusions. I'll show you the matter-transmitter..." He led the two girls down a long, brightly-lit corridor, and through a big door at the end. They could hear the hum of a vast engine.

"It all sounds very complicated," Ms. Madison observed, smiling.

"Yes." The scientist replied with the vehemence of a man who had been scorned by all the pretty girls in school, and recognised in Ms. Madison one of his teen-aged tormentors grown up. "Now you will see what real science looks like." He led them into the room at the end of the corridor.

A vast spark generator was set in a pit, sending off random spurts of electricity. At once, Ms. Madison's hair began to stand on end.

And there, running round the machine and chuckling to himself, was a man with spectacles and a moustache.

"It works!" he cried with unconcealed glee. "It works! Full power, bach!"

His assistant, a harrassed-looking young man in a grubby lab coat, raised a lever on the machine, while the man by the machine continued to make adjustments.

Ms. Madison had to admit that Dr. Stack had a point. This man was bald and wore overalls.

"What is it?" he turned to the vistors, eyes burning.

"Two people want to see your matter transmitter, Professor Morgan," Stack explained.

"It looks very impressive," Ms. Madison approached cautiously. "Can it really transmit a person through space?"

"It will transmit a man who everyone thinks is dead to the balcony of Buckingham Palace," Dr Stack replied. "There to rule as Arthur, the once and future King."

Ms. Madison started violently. The three men began to laugh. Turning to Ygraine, the blonde found a revolver pointed at her tummy.

"Oh no," the brunette shook her head. "You're going no-where, girlie. No-where at all."

At that moment, Professor Gawain entered the room, also laughing.


The Girl in Grey said...

Aargh! Monty Bristow's back!

I just guessed that.

The Green Man said...

Oh, not yet...

The Girl in Grey said...

No. I was wrong.