Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Six

Ygraine clung to Ms. Madison, trembling, as someone leapt from the platform to assist her impaled father. Checking the old man's pulse, he looked up and shook his head grimly. With a convulsive sob, Ygraine buried her face in the blonde's breast.

Ms. Madison patted her gently on the back, whispering words of comfort in her ear.

"We'll find this person, whoever he was," she told the brunette. "And then..."

"Make them suffer," Ygraine sniffed, eyes suddenly hard. "I want to see them die like my father - only more slowly and painfully."

"The Green Man can arrange that," Ms. Madison assured the distraught Miss Gawain. This drew a smile from the brunette.

"Great," the blonde laughed softly, "now, shall we get started?"

Ygraine nodded soberly, face set.

"And if it is Merlin?" a thought suddenly occured to her.

"Then I'll use my feminine charms to get the secret of how to trap him," Ms. Madison declared bravely.


Zack said...

She took it rather well, all things considered.

Ms. Madison said...

Sure, but I think she had issues with the seventh wife.

The Girl in Grey said...

Yeah, stepmothers can be a pain.