Saturday, October 14, 2006

A word from our sponsors

Have you ever returned from the office to find that your house is in darkness? That your wife is out playing bridge with some crony, while your children have blown all the fuses?

If so, then may we recommend Old Mill Beer? Cheaper than any of our competitors, Old Mill is light, with a cheerful tang. It can be used for cooking as well as drinking.

It also removes paint from walls and all known stains, as well as a few more that haven't been discovered yet. It even removes its own stains. As well as your stomach lining.

So, ladies, serve it to your man and collect the life insurance. Men, serve it to your wife, and marry your secretary. Children, make sure you don't go anywhere near it.

Old Mill Beer. If it hasn't sent you blind yet, it will.

Old Mill Beer is produced by the Bawdeswell Beverage Company: A family company.


The Girl in Grey said...

Handy paint stripper. And useful for cleaning up after Scruff

The Green Man said...

Funny, that...

green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

I can already detect the simmering tension between the Green Man and the Girl in Grey. Who could, after all, resist the World's Cutest Crimefighter? The Green Man is a man, after all.

As a suggestion to the Green Man, he should put a can or two of Old Mill in his utility belt....just in case.

L. Madison said...

I'm guessing the Green Man doesn't mind seeing the Grey Girlie.