Monday, October 02, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Four

Ms. Madison stopped on Glastonbay High Street and looked around her at the crowds who thronged the streets of King Arthur's Avalon. She felt decidedly out of place in her tailored suit, hat and heels. Most of the young women were untidy, wearing faded black tee-shirts, tattered blue jeans and trainers. Still, she reflected, the Green Man would look still more unusual.

She made her way to the Abbey gates, heels tapping an urgent beat on the pavement. The birds were singing, and the skies were blue. She would have whistled, if the situation hadn't been so serious. Some joker dressed as Merlin turning up impaling people...

She descended into the crypt of the Abbey's Lady Chapel, looking about her in wonder at the beautiful architecture.

"Well, Ms. Madison," the Green Man stepped out of the shadows. "Have you been here before?"

"I don't go in for old buildings," the beautiful blonde confessed. "Of course Mike - Mr Rake - would like me to take more of an interest in churches, or at least one church for long enough to get a plain gold ring and sign my name, but I keep explaining I'm not ready yet..."

"Be careful, my dear," the Green Man spoke softly. "No man waits for a woman forever, no matter how much he loves her."

"Yes," the girl nodded soberly. "Now, Merlin..."

"I checked the Abbey grounds before it opened," he explained. "There's no trace of any equipment that might have caused the disappearance. The office where the curator was murdered was locked from the inside - the key was left in the lock. And men do not kill themselves with javelins..."

Ms. Madison nodded.

"That would be silly," she agreed. "So the real question is, what actually happened on both occasions?"

"That is a good question." The Green Man nodded. "But the best question is: 'what does this man mean to do?'"

"And why the stuff about 'Arthur will return?'" Ms. Madison widened her eyes. "I know the legend that says he will return, but what would a villain have to do with it?"

"That's why we have to know more." The Green Man nodded. "We must draw the wicked out. Get them to act. That's why one of the greatest living authorities on King Arthur is arriving in town this evening."

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