Monday, October 09, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Twelve

Ms. Madison smiled gently at the scene. Although the great library was becoming decidedly crowded, the gentlemen in question would be no match for the guards at Buckingham Palace.

"What are you thinking, blondie?" Ygraine glared at the neat blonde.

"That your father must be mad," Ms. Madison replied easily.

"You mean the soldiers are armed with swords and shields?" Ygraine grinned wickedly. "I suppose you think my father hasn't considered that?" She shook her head pityingly. "What you probably don't know is that there's a Ministry of Defence Depot at Caerwent, just a few miles away. My fathers men plan to materialise in, overpower the guards and steal a large amount of equipment. Then when we appear at Buckingham Palace, the men will be well armed. Besides, 'Merlin' is going to dematerialise the queen and her guards." She laughed.

"And you're going to watch the Caerwent job," Professor Gawain explained. "Right now, you're our hostage. If the Green Man knows we have you..."

Ms. Madison shook her head, still smiling. Moments later, Ygraine struck her on the jaw. The blonde's head jerked bak, blonde hair flying about her face. Before she could react, the girl had driven a small fist into Ms. Madison's tummy. The blonde folded up with a sigh. The girl brought up a knee into Ms. Madison's face. The Green Man's assistant tasted blood in her mouth. Pushed to the floor, she was kicked a couple of times. Her suit was split, and her face left bruised and bloodied.

As she lay on the floor, Ms. Madison saw the soldiers vanish, company by company. She assumed that there were enugh men to raise the Caerwent depot. After a few moments, one company re-appeared, bearing firearms. And rocket-launchers.

Ygraine kicked the blonde again, hard enough to draw a yelp of agony from her. A second kick sent the girl sprawling forward onto the ground. Her blood stained the carpet, and Ms. Madison groaned. Her chin was raised on one of Ygraine's battered trainers.

"Not so smart now, hey, blondie?" the girl shook her head. grinning down at the battered form of Ms. Madison. The blonde saw murder in the brunette's eyes.

"Yes," the girl's grin widened sadistically. "You're going to die, blondie. Once my father's seated on the British throne."

"At least I'll live long time," Ms. Madison smiled weakly.

The next time Ms. Madison got kicked, she lost consciousness.


green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

I think you could sell more soap and war bonds if the Green Man and the Girl in Grey began to take on romantic overtures. The fans like romantic tension, and I'd imagine that the Girl in Grey would not object to this exciting side plot as the Green Man exacts brutal, unyielding, and painful vengeance upon the wicked!! But then where would that leave Ms. Madison? Does she *really* like Mr. Rake?

Of course, none of the protagonists above should get too snuggly with each other, as there is never a time when justice needs to be meted the Girl in Grey and the Green Man!

green man fan (grey girl fan too) said...

I mean that there is never a time when justice does NOT need to be meted out liberally to the evil and the wicked.

I'm sure both the Green Man and the Girl in Grey understand what I mean.

The Green Man said...

The Green Man knows all things. And you will see...

The Girl in Grey said...

Oh, I've got no objections to romantic side-plots. And I'm FAR too young to retire.
Besides, what would Scruff do without me?

Sir Richard Arcos said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to such a fearsome combination, too. Now, where was I?

Same place I am now, I suppose.

The Girl in Grey said...

I think you were. But it's probably somewhere very exciting

Sir Richard Arcos said...

No, it's still locked in the pantry at Plas Llangarmon. The daughter and son-in-law are looking for the key, and I had to dictate this.