Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Fourteen

The exotically dressed Professor Gawain laughed, as his battalions slowly faded from view. Ms. Madison could only watch helplessly. And the Green Man still stood a little way off, hands above his head, watching in silence. Ygraine glared at Ms. Madison, while the blonde found herself quite unable to smile.

"Now you shall see my triumph!" the Professor laughed, raising his hands to the sky. "Not even the Green Man was able to stop me!"

"In a moment," Ygraine told Ms. Madison sadistically, "you'll be dead."

"Will she?" the Green Man spoke again, and there was a note of amusement in his voice.

"You saw my legions depart!" the Professor shouted, a look of aprehension creeping into his voice. The Green Man laughed mockingly.

"Afraid?" the Green Man shook his head. "What can I do to the successor of King Arthur?"

"What have you done?" the Professor approached the calm figure of the Green Man face becoming redder than before. The Green Man only laughed.

"Not afraid, Professor?" The Green Man laughed, as a sword materialised in his raised right hand.

"No!" the Professor turned to Ms. Madison, drawing his sword. "Try anything, and the girl dies, Green Man!"

"So that's how the new kingdom of King Arthur begins," the Green Man shook his head. "With the death of a helpless girl?"

"I don't care!" the Professor laughed, "I shall be king! Even now, my legions are taking over Buckingham Palace!"

"Your legions," the Green Man replied mockingly, "are drowning in the Bristol Channel - if not already drowned. Their armour..."

"No!" the Professor turned from Ms. Madison, raising his mighty sword. The Green Man easily parried the blow. Moving forward to engage the would-be monarch, the Green Man laughed.

"Ready?" The Green Man laughed, moving fluidly under the raised sword of the desperate Professor.

At the same time, Ms. Madison broke free of her captors. Finding Ygraine distracted by the sword-fight, she struck the brunette on the jaw, sending her reeling. A high-kick knocked out one of the guards, while a foot in the stomach winded the other. Now it was only Ygraine. And that was a grudge match.

The Green Man cut a hole in Professor Gawain's cloak. The next blow almost connected, drawing sparks from the Professor's sword. The Green Man laughed, knowing that the end was close.

"How did you do it?" the Professor demanded.

"While you were busy with my poor Secretary," the Green man laughed, "I was altering the settings on you matter transporter so that it landed your men in the Bristol Channel. You see, when your dear daughter volunteered to join Ms. Madison and I, she did so swiftly and with very few qualms. It was all just too convenient."

Before the wicked man could say anything more, the Green Man's sword severed his right arm. The Professor fell to his knees before the Green Man, hands clasped in pleading, eyes wide.

"You have killed enough" the Green Man severed the Professor's head from his body. The headless corpse crumpled to the ground.

Ms. Madison was stood next to the unconscious form of Ygraine, smiling with definite satisfaction.

"That," she grinned, wiping blood from her mouth, "was well worth it."

The Green Man was just able to get to Ms. Madison in time to catch her as she passed out cold.

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