Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Thirteen

Ms. Madison came to on the floor of a barren cell. Her ruined suit had been removed and replaced by a faded tee-shirt and jeans. She felt more pain at that than from her bruises. Groaning, she rolled onto her back, the room turning circles around her. She felt very, very ill.

"Awake, blondie?" she heard the mocking voice of Ygraine, close at hand.

"I think so," the blonde sighed, "but I'm reserving judgement 'til I see a mirror."

"You do that, blondie," Ygraine laughed. "Right now, you're a real mess - but that's not permanent. Not that it matters..."

"'Cause I'm going to die?" Ms. Madison managed a weak smile. "This time, I'm not going to argue."

By this time, Ms. Madison felt well enough to sit up. Her suspicion that she was wearing Ygraine's clothes were confirmed. Ygraine now wore emboidered robes, her har done in the old Roman style. She laughed again, looking the battered blonde in the eye.

"Right now you're coming with me, blonde girl," the brunette gestured imperiously to the two guards in the door.

Ms. Madison was picked up bodily and carried out of the building. There, in the square before the laboratories, company on company of Roman soldiers were formed up. In front of them, Professor Gawain was busily ranting at the men, promising them great wealth once he was king of England.

"You'll never get away with this," Ms. Madison declared spiritedly.

"You're wrong!" Professor Gawain yelled, turning purple. "I've raided the Caerwent depot, I've captured the Green Man's agent! Nothing can stop me!"

"Nothing, Professor?" the voice seemed to come out of no-where. A smile broke out on Ms. Madison's battered face, as she recognised the tones of the Green Man.

"Nothing!" the Professor cried. "If you even try to stop me, Green Man, then your lovely assistant dies!" At a gesture from the Professor, one of the men holding Ms. Madison drew his short sword.

"He wants to make himself king!" Ms. Madison called back. "My life isn't important!" She felt the dagger prick her throat.

The Green Man stepped from the woods, his hands held high. With a sinking feeling in her heart, Ms. Madison realised that they had failed. At that moment, 'Merlin' stepped onto the square. Ms. Madison heard the matter-transmitter power up. In a few short moments, Professor Gawain would be master of Britain.

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The Girl in Grey said...

Not for the whole world.

Sir Richard Arcos said...

I have to say, Ms. Madison is bearing up remarkably well, all things considered.

The Girl in Grey said...

I don't know. I think she's more... wait, is there anything I can say that DOESN"T sound catty?
Probably not.

Ms. Madison said...

Probably not, Grey Girlie.