Thursday, October 05, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Eight

In the confined space of the crypt, the gunshot was almost deafening. The heavy bullet knocked the javelin aside, and it fell harmlessly to the ground. 'Merlin' cursed.

"No-one," the Green Man leapt down into the crypt, gun in hand, "tries to spear my secretary. Now, perhaps we can talk, Merlin?"

The armoured man rushed the Green Man. A couple of heavy blows from the Green Man's free hand sent him reeling. Merlin cursed some more.

"Perhaps we can talk like civilised human beings now." The Green Man chuckled, moving forward.

The robed figure began to fade from view, laughing. The Green Man only shook his head, as the armoured man began to fade as well. However, only the armoured man's head and arms vanished. His trunk fell, useless, to the ground. Ygraine turned to the wall with a sob of disgust.

"I know," Ms. Madison commiserated. "It can get a bit yucky."

"Ready to cut and run?" the Green Man asked the brunette.

"No," the girl was very firm. "That man, whoever he was, killed my father. I want to see him suffer for it."

"In that case," the Green Man spoke approvingly," you will accompany Ms. Madison to Caerleon in Monmouthshire."

"Tomorrow," Ms. Madison yawned. "I'm exhausted - I always get tired after being almost killed. What is it?"

"The Caerleon Research Laboratories," the Green Man explained. "One of my agents reports that they are working on a device to dematerialise human beings. And Caerleon is connected with King Arthur."


The Girl in Grey said...

Aha! The plot thickens.
Rather like my breakfast.

The Green Man said...

And blood when exposed to the open air.

The Girl in Grey said...