Thursday, October 19, 2006


Have you ever found yourself sat at home after a long week, drained and tired? Unable to lift the telephone?
Ever worried that the life is going out of you?

That you couldn't go on after a few more weeks?

Does your boss think you're past it?

Do your friends comment that you seem tired, drained?

Does your wife worry that you're losing your manliness?

Does your secretary think so too?

Can't last a round of golf?

Or a round with Dempsey?

Well, The Bawdeswell Beverage Company has the answer to your Friday blues. Old Mill Vodka. It peps you up like electricity!

Just like this mill.

Old Mill Vodka: You'll be a babbling drunk in no time.
The Bawdeswell Beverage Company: A family company.

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