Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Seven

The two girls approached the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, across a rollong greensward. While Ms. Madison made to head for the imposing remains of the crossing, Ygraine pulled on the blonde's arm, however, directing Ms. Madison to the still largely intact building at the West end of the Abbey church.

"The Lady Chapel," Ygraine explained.

"Weren't they normally at the other end?" Ms. Madison enquired earnestly.

"Sure," Ygraine nodded. "But a few were at the West. There's a surviving Lady Chapel at Durham, for example. They're called 'Galilee Chapels,' becuase they come before the holier place, like Galilee came before Jerusalem in the life of Jesus."

"I see," Ms. Madison nodded. "But why are we going there?"

"Because the chapel was built on the site of the old wicker church that was built by some of the earliest British Christians," Ugraine explained. "According to tradition, the church was built by Joseph of Arimathea. Certainly, the Church existed at the time of King Arthur. Some say King Arthur was buried here."

"But not our Merlin," Ms. Madison smiled gently, as they descended to the crypt below the Lady Chapel. While Ms. Madison's heels slid a little on the steps, the brunette's trainers remained firm.

"You dress well, don't you?" Ygraine took hold of Ms. Madison's arm.

"Always," the blonde confessed. "I get..."

Ms. Madison's voice trailed off as they entered the crypt. There stood an old man in long robes, with a long white beard. And, by his side, a man in armour, with a helmet that hid his face. He carried a javelin, which he slowly raised, pointing it at Ms. Madison. Lifting her hands to her red mouth, Ms. Madison screamed, as the javelin was thrown...


The Girl in Grey said...

Ouch! I hope she doesn't get the point!

Ms. Madison said...

You're getting more gracious, Grey girlie.

The Girl in Grey said...

Well, a girl can always TRY to be nice. And a javelin in the tummy does rather spoil anyone's day.