Friday, October 06, 2006

Paid in Full: Part Two

Robert Conyers stood outside the shaggy, moss-covered ruin that was Castle Green House, Cardigan, in the deserted space within the walls of Cardigan Castle. He trembled, wondering just exactly what was going on.

Before he could turn to go, a throaty laugh began to echo round the deserted walls. Conyers turned grey, his courage ebbing away.

"Robert Conyers," the voice declared. "Five years ago, you were responsible for the death of a man whose only crime was that he handled the account of a company that experimented on animals. He was killed because he had a slight connection to the death and suffering of animals.

"You have a direct connection to the deaths of two people. Other people paid for those crimes, while you were able to get away with murder."

"You can't..." the man trembled, starting towards the castle gate.

"I haven't." The Green Man replied grimly. "You judged yourself five years ago."

As the terrified man ran to the gate, something heavy made contact with the back of his head. Darkness claimed him.

The next day, the body of Robert Conyers was found hanging from a tree inside the overgrown castle grounds. The general verdict was suicide. 'Remorse at having caused the deat of two people' the Press speculated. But the Green Man knows differently.

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