Friday, October 06, 2006

Merlin's Revenge: Part Nine

Ms. Madison and Ygraine surveyed the ancient amphitheatre through the light drizzle. Dressed in a well-cut woolen overcoat that bushed her trim ankles, Ms. Madison stood with her hands in her pockets, just coutside one of the entances. Ygraine, by way of contrast, wore a black tee-shirt with a celtic motif, ripped jeans and trainers, a plastic mac worn open over it.

"Is this King Arthur's Round Table?" the blonde turned to the brunette.

"Some people think it was," Ygraine smiled. "You know, you're a strange girl. So well-dressed, you must have loads of experience, but you can be just like a tourist at times..."

"When it comes to Roman remains," the blonde confessed, "I am. But it's not Roman remains we're here to see. We're meeting the director of the Carleon Research Institute in a local pub after this. He might know who this 'Merlin' character is."

"Or he might be Merlin," Ygraine declared worryingly.

"Might be," Ms. Madison confessed. "But I guess that's a chance we have to take. Remember, the Carleon Research Institute is developing a process for transporting a person from one place to another. And Merlin vanishes without trace."

"So does your friend in green," Ygraine observed acidly.

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