Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When Green Meets Grey: Part Ten

The Green Man and the Girl in Grey ducked behind the heavy steel door, as hot lead tore into it. The Girl in Grey scowled, as the bullets thundered against the door. The wicked could be so cliché-ridden, she reflected. While she flattened herself against the door, the Green Man checked his revolver and re-filled it.

"Still cool as a cucumber, huh?" the Girl in Grey shook her head, "I don't know how you do it?"

"Either we die or we live, my dear," the Green Man laughed. "So why worry?"

"I can't see things that way," the Girl in Grey scowled. "I have several cats and a sister to look after - and believe me, Scruff needs looking after."

"As Ms. Madison has told me enough times," the Green Man chuckled. "Now, get ready to shout the old war-cry. We're going to make trouble." He pulled a couple of smoke grenades from his utility belt.

"Will do," the Girl in Grey drew one from her own belt, while unhooking her whip from the other side of it.

"Excellent," the Green Man laughed. "Shall we wallop the wicked?" He threw his smoke-grenades into the midst of the mobsters. The Girl in Grey followed up a few moments later.

As soon as the smoke was thick enough, the two crimefighters leapt over the stair rails. The Green Man fired repeated shots into the milling mass, while the Girl in Grey sprinted in for closer-quarters fighting. Her whip cracked, tearing guns from the hands of the wicked, while her boots sent men flying hither and yon.

The Green Man knocked a couple of men out with his heavy fists, crumpling a man's hat and tearing a man's suit. Soon, the runway was strewn with the forms of fallen mobsters. The duo tied them off and left for the 'plane. Soon, they were speeding away from the factory, as it exploded, showering the jungle with a great deal of burning debris, and probably causing untold damage to the environment.

"Well, now that we've had the pretty fireworks," the Girl in Grey laughed, "what's next on the magical mystery tour?"

"Egypt," the Green Man told her. "The Western Desert."

"Another factory?" the Girl in Grey tilted her head.

"A pyramid," the Green Man told her. "The secret headquarters of the villain behind all this. I found the plan of the place among the documents in the safe."


The Girl in Grey said...

I love it when the baddies leave those things lying around for us to find.

The Green Man said...

The wicked do not learn.

The Girl in Grey said...

Usually because you leave them dead.