Friday, October 27, 2006

When Green Meets Grey: Part Eleven

The supersonic jet flew low over the desert, just as dawn was breaking over Egypt. The Girl in Grey admired the scenery, while the Green Man was busy selecting a suitable landing ground.

"You know," the Green Man observed, "the ancient Egyptians believed that the sun was reborn every dawn, out of the Sky Goddess."

"I think we did that at school," the Girl in Grey nodded, "but it left me a bit confused."

"That," the Green Man replied, "is because you have to be over eighteen to know the whole nasty mess."

"Oh, brother," the Girl in Grey sighed. "X-rated religion. Shall we land?"

"Of course," the Green Man guided the silver 'plane into is descent pattern. In no time at all, chiefly because the author has no idea how to land a 'plane, the intrepid duo stood on the rock and sand of the Western Desert.

"And how," the Girl in Grey looked about her at nothing but miles and miles of sand and rocks," do we get anywhere, or is this your excuse to pretend to be Valentino? Not," she sighed romantically, smiling, "that I'd mind that one bit."

"We just arrived a bit early for the camels," the Green Man confessed. "Why don't you get in a cople of hours of sleep, before we have to search for this hidden pyramid?

"Because you're treating me like a girl?" the young lady in question shook her head.

"Well," the Green Man laughed. "You do happen to be one, my dear. Besides, there's no known way of sleeping on a camel."


The Girl in Grey said...

You learn a new thing every day.

Ms. L Madison said...

I managed to pass out on a camel once. Does that count?

The Green Man said...


The Girl in Grey said...

But it's understandable.

Ms. L Madison said...

Especially with the smell!