Monday, October 23, 2006

When Green Meets Grey: Part Nine

"Well, look at that!" the Girl in Grey looked down on the massive factory which loomed out of the rainforest. The Green Man's jet hovered just a little way away from the factory, apparently undetected.
"This thing has a radar blocker," the Green Man told her, having read her part of the script as well. "But we need to take a closer look."

"Easy for you to say," his companion observed, smiling. "Green blends in nicely in the jungle."

The jet descended vertically, demonstrating yet another remarkable ability. As it did so, the Green Man directed the Girl in Grey towards the equipment locker at the rear of the cabin. Among the weapons, scanners and bombs were a couple of adjustable belts with numerous devices attached.

"Great," the Girl in Grey laughed, "we've got utility belts!"

"You're the one with the Batman fixation," the Green Man chuckled. "But Ms. Madison decided to have them put together, just in case we needed an easy way of carrying gadgets."

The cabin door opened, and the two intrepid crime-fighters stepped out. The Green Man drew his gun, while the Girl in Grey uncoiled her whip from her belt. They were tensed, ready for the wicked.

"We make for the offices," the Green Man told the Girl in Grey. "The records we need should be stored there. Keep to the jungle as much as you can. That way there's every chance we won't be seen."

As they spoke, however, the factory burst into flames. The fire spread swiftly, obliterating a huge part of the factory in a single explosion. The Girl in Grey started in surprise, while the Green Man drew his gun.

"What?" the Girl in Grey looked at the skyward-shooting flames.

"I was right," the Green Man shook his head. "The trail did lead back here. Now, we have to get to the offices, before the fire destroys them!"

The two crime-fighters ran out of the jungle, towards the factory, across the great runway where two helicopters stood, their motors idle. There were two guards, and they tried to stop the duo, but the Green Man shot them down. Soon, the two were on the office steps, with the fire still several hundred yards from the office. They mounted the stairs at a run. The guard at the top of the stairs was so surprised that he had no time to act before a jarring high-kick from the Girl in Grey laid him out.

"Good work," the Green Man kicked in the door. "Now, keep an eye out for the safe."

They moved into a small, intimate space. Although the safe was hidden, it was soon discovered. The act of cracking it took only seconds. Plans of a new factory were among the documents that the Green Man slipped into his coat. It was only five minutes later that the Green Man and the Girl in Grey stepped outside.

There they found a crowd of armed gunmen. As the duo stepped out, they raised their machine guns.

"Kill them!" someone cried out.

The men stepped forward and pulled the triggers of their guns. In an instant, the air was filled with hot lead.

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