Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When Green Meets Grey: Part Fifteen

The Girl in Grey drew back, further into the shadows. But it was not because of fear. From the looks the two goons were giving her, it was clear that they hadn't yet seen the Green Man. And if that could be maintained.... The men moved further forward.

"I said stop!" one of the bed guys coked his gun. "Understand, little lady?"

"Naturally," the Girl in Grey laughed, stopping dead, a dangerous smile on her face. While it might give the game away, such action might even bring them closer. When they stepped towards her, she feigned a shudder of fear.

The man started laughing, his fellow joining in. This was cut off when the Green Man brought their heads together with devastating force. They crumpled to the ground in a very satisfying manner. The Girl in Grey smiled, placing a foot on one man's head.

"Well done, my dear Girl in Grey." The Green Man stepped out of the shadows, drawing his pistol. The lights gleamed on its polished metal.

"Where are they?" the figure on the throne called up to the gallery.

"Up here, Pharaoh!" the Green Man called back. "Remember us from that chapel in Wales?"

"The Green Man!" the figure on the throne shot to his feet. "Kill them, my creatures!"

At once, the household appliances, together with the villain's mercenaries rushed the gallery, firing shots up at the two crime fighters. The Girl in Grey leapt back, but the Green Man stayed there, firing his pistol down at the furious mass.

It was a magnificent sight, one man in green trenchcoat and broad brimmed hat, a scarf wound over the lower part of his face, dealing out death-instant justice- to the wicked, blazing away with a gleaming silver pistol. Men fell as they tried to get to the gallery steps. That was when the vacum cleaners piled in. The Green Man drew a second gun - the microwave gun - from under his coat to deal with them.

"You cannot evade justice, Pharaoh!" the Green Man called above the noise. "Crime does not pay!"

And the Girl in Grey dealt with the men trying to get to them the back way, swinging into action with great gusto. She was good, and the Green Man was even better. Perhaps, she thought to herself, they might be able to actually stop this whole affair without having the bad guy take one of the good guys prisoner and explain his evil plan in excruciating detail. After all, how necessary was it - really? Perhaps it helped if someone tried to do it again, but if the bad guy really died, then who needed to know?

Then she saw it, out of the corner of her eye. A hand grenade clattered along the metal of the gallery floor, rolling towards the implacable form of the Green Man. She turned to warn him, but it was too late.

The heat of the blast scorched her costume, sending her flying back against the wall of the chamber. She didn't even see the effect of the explosion on the Green Man.

"No!" she screamed in horror.

Then someone slugged her on the jaw and her whole world exploded into stars.

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The Outsider said...

I'm hooked. So, will Ms. Madison ever come round to accept the Girl in Grey? I hope so.

the Outsider said...

Weren't they really BAD guys? I hope so.

The Editor said...

They were tired bad guys.

Ms. L. Madison said...

I don't have a problem with the Girl in Grey.

Scruff said...

I know you don't. Just with my saying she's your boss's girlfriend.