Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Word From Our Sponsors

Have you ever dreamed of beer?

If you have, then it's Old Mill Special Brew Beer you should be dreaming of.

Old Mill Special Brew Beer is brewed using the special fermentation process patented by Bawdeswell Beverage Company.

This process is specially designed to increase your drinking pleasure, with special herbal extracts added during the fermentation process.

As well as increasing the potency of the brew, this process renders the drink as addictive as crack cocaine. In an attempt to maintain the highs given by the drink, consumers have sold all they had and started to steal in order to buy more of this potent brew, in the end becoming derelict ruins.

And that's why the special process is banned in every country in the civilised world and we have to make the stuff in Panama.

Old Mill Special Brew Beer is brewed by the Bawdeswell Beverage Company: A Family Company.

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